Operating System
  • 64bit embedded Linux
Storage Management
  • RAID level 0 ,1 ,0+1 ,3 ,5 ,6 ,10 ,30 ,50, 60, and N-way mirror
  • RAID EE level 5EE, 6EE, 50EE, and 60EE
  • Flexible storage pool ownership
  • Thin Provisioning (QThin) with space reclamation
  • Global hot spares
  • Write-through and write-back cache policy
  • Online disk roaming
  • Spreading RAID disk drives across enclosures
  • Background I/O priority setting
  • Instant RAID volume availability
  • Fast RAID rebuild
  • Online storage pool expansion
  • Online volume extension
  • Online volume migration
  • Auto volume rebuilding
  • Instant volume restoration
  • Online RAID level migration
  • SED & ISE drive support
  • Video editing mode for enhanced performance
  • Disk drive health check and S.M.A.R.T. attributes
  • Storage pool parity check and media scan for disk scrubbing
  • SSD wear lifetime indicator
  • Disk drive firmware batch update
  • QSLIfe to monitor and analyze the activity of SSDs
  • QSRAID for SSD endurance optimization
  • Multiple volume creation
  • Volume QoS (Quality of Service)
iSCSI Host Connectivity
  • Proven QSOE 2.0 optimization engine
  • CHAP & mutual CHAP authentication
  • SCSI-3 PR (Persistent Reservation for I/O fencing) support
  • iSNS support
  • VLAN (Virtual LAN) support
  • Jumbo frame (9,000 bytes) support
  • Up to 256 iSCSI targets
  • Up to 512 hosts per controller
  • Up to 1,024 sessions per controller
Fibre Channel Host Connectivity
  • Proven QSOE 2.0 optimization engine
  • FCP-2 & FCP-3 support
  • Auto detect link speed and topology
  • Topology supports point-to-point and loop
  • Up to 256 hosts per controller
High Availability
  • Dual-Active (Active/Active) SAN controllers
  • Cache mirroring through NTB bus
  • ALUA support
  • Management port seamless failover
  • Fault-tolerant and redundant modular components for SAN controller, PSU, FAN module, and dual port disk drive interface
  • Multipath I/O and load balancing support (MPIO, MC/S, Trunking, and LACP)
  • Firmware update with zero system downtime
  • Secured Web (HTTPS), SSH (Secure Shell)
  • iSCSI Force Field to protect from mutant network attack
  • iSCSI CHAP & mutual CHAP authentication
  • SED & ISE drive support
Storage Efficiency
  • Thin Provisioning (QThin) with space reclamation
  • DHCP, Static IP, NTP, Trunking, LACP, VLAN, Jumbo frame (up to 9,000 bytes)
Advanced Data Protection
  • Snapshot (QSnap), block-level, differential backup
  • Writeable snapshot support
  • Manual or schedule tasks
  • Up to 64 snapshots per volume
  • Up to 64 volumes for snapshot
  • Up to 4,096 snapshots per system
  • Snapshot recycle bin
  • Remote Replication (QReplica)
  • Auto remote replication without doing configurations
  • 1 Step Local-to-Remote
  • Asynchronous, block-level, differential backup based on snapshot technology
  • Traffic shaping for dynamic bandwidth controller
  • Manual or schedule tasks
  • Auto rollback to previous version if current replication fails
  • Up to 32 schedule tasks per controller
  • Volume clone for local replication
  • Auto local clone without doing configurations
  • Configurable N-way mirroring
  • Integration with Windows VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service)
  • Instant volume restoration
  • Cache-to-Flash memory protection
  • M.2 flash module
  • Power module: BBM (Battery Backup Module)
  • Support USB UPS and network UPS with SNMP management

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